5 Tactics For Generating Facebook B2B Leads

Perfect For Lead Generation In Niche Markets

Have you been told Facebook B2B lead generation doesn’t work? Do you work in a business niche with Facebook restrictions on what you can put in ads? Are you looking for best practices using Facebook to support your main lead generation efforts on other channels?

We recorded this Thursday Dec. 12th at 11am CST and LeadGen Compass’ Marketers gave five tactics we use for addressing these exact problems while generating leads for clients. Greg Chambers presented strategies and tactics while Bill Mattern asked questions and double checked for meaning. Last year nearly 500 marketers attended webinars just like these to learn tips and tricks, gather new templates, and get exposed to new ideas.

Watch this to walk away with:

  • A deeper understanding of Facebook’s extensive ad network and where your niche audience is gathering.
  • New ideas on how to increase your brand impressions and measure effectiveness.
  • Immediate next steps your team can apply to enhance existing campaigns or start new campaigns.

These five tactics are anchored by five real life client campaigns run by Greg of LeadGen Compass, a B2B lead generation agency working in multiple industries. We shared what worked, what didn’t work, and what we’d do differently next time.