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Farmers Face Unique Challenges When Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement can be a stressful and sometimes complicated proposition.  While most Americans look forward to the day when they can kick back and enjoy some much deserved relaxation, farmers face unique challenges when it comes to retirement. When most people retire, they look forward to downsizing.  Often they move to a new, smaller […]

Social Media Tips for Farmers

Using social media to promote a farm is similar to using social media to promote any business. Farmers may actually have an advantage over other businesses on social media because their story is so compelling. After all, who doesn’t want to know who is growing their food – especially in today’s marketplace where people are […]

Marketing to Farmers and Ranchers

Marketing to farmers and ranchers takes more than just securing mailing lists or agriculture leads. Those who really want to engage farmers need to use both online and offline marketing techniques to do so. However, depending on what you are trying to sell or to market it’s important you understand how farmers live, work, and […]

Searching for the Best in Ag Apps

Agriculture apps are a big business. With more and more farmers using tablets and smartphones while working in the fields, it’s no surprise that they are searching for apps that can help them do their jobs better. Finding quality farming and agriculture apps can be a difficult task. This is unfortunate since there are so […]