Can Agricultural robots Address Labor Shortages and Increase Yields in 2019?


Agricultural robots, sometimes known as agribots, are seen as one of the key trends that will deeply influence agriculture in 2019. This should come as no surprise in light of the fact that farmers are using technology to help address several troubling issues, such as labor shortages.

An article in the Robotics Business Review, 4 Ways Robotics Will Affect Agriculture in 2019, lists the following ways robots are expected to impact farmers in the coming year:

  1. Robots will address a farmworker labor shortage
  2. More plants will be harvested and cared for by robots
  3. Robotics will increase yields
  4. Farmers will spend more time on the business of farming

The pace of robotics in farming is moving forward quickly and farmers seem to be welcoming the change. As one farmer put it, “It’s sort of like the old adage: You’re able to spend a little bit less time in your business and a little bit more time on your business.”