Four Ways Ag Businesses Can Attract Farmers Using Voice Searches

Four Ways Ag Businesses Can Attract Farmers Using Voice Searches

Voice searches are becoming more and more common thanks to virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. This is as true in the agriculture industry as it is in any other. So what does that mean to those marketing to farmers?

First, farmers will be asking more conversational type questions during their searches. Therefore, how you approach SEO will change from targeting specific keywords to emphasizing longer keyword queries, questions and topics. And since people are talking into speakers, visuals will not be as important.

User interactions also will be shorter and quick questions will be the norm. This means that impressions will need to be concise and answer specific questions rather than depending on longer interactions. Local searches also will be more relevant since many users will be looking for information on the go. Finally, there will likely be more competition for the top positions on search engine result pages since this is where virtual assistants will go for answers.

Ag businesses also should be aware of the fact that the voice search trend is already here. In fact, every month more than a billion voice searches are conducted.

To make sure your Ag business is on board with the voice search revolution, here are some tips:

  1. Assess your content strategy: Are you emphasizing voice queries and long-tail keyword phrases on your website and in your other content? If not, you need to. Make sure your content includes questions and quick, concise answers to those questions.
  2. Fight for the top spot. In most cases, virtual assistants will rely on the top search engine results to answer specific queries. Ag businesses need to strive to get noticed for their most important keywords and not waste time chasing ones that aren’t as important.
  3. Go local. Voice-activated searches place an emphasis on local search results. If you haven’t honed your local SEO strategy, don’t put it off any longer.
  4. Always look to the future. While gaining more and more popularity every day, voice searches are still relatively new. Continue to monitor the voice search revolution and stay on top of the trends. You also need to be open to constantly modifying your strategy to make sure your business gets noticed and continues to do so.

Digital assistants make it easier for farmers to utilize voice searches. Make it your priority to get out in front of the voice search revolution so that when farmers use a voice search, they find your business.

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