Helping Your Ag Sales Team Master Virtual Sales


A digital sales model is the new normal across all industries, including Ag. This can be particularly challenging for those selling to farmers and ranchers since in-person interactions are so important to these prospects. 

In light of this fact, sales managers need to pay particularly close attention to coaching their Ag team on how to engage with prospects remotely. This means helping them to master the art bringing the human touch to digital interactions.

While this is a daunting task, an article from Forbes, You Can’t Meet Prospects Face to Face: Now What?, outlines the need to use the current crisis as an opportunity for businesses to upgrade their tech stack and optimize their sales models. Digital and remote sales are the way of the future, and now is the perfect time to align with that future.

The article also suggests a variety of ways that managers can help their sales team to effectively engage with prospects remotely in lieu of face-to-face meetings. These include leveraging the power of video and providing product walkthroughs and digital demos.


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