Is Your Ag Business Onboard with the Voice Search Revolution?


Voice searches are here to stay. Every month, more than a billion voice searches are conducted by people looking for businesses, including Ag businesses. This trend shows no signs of slowing, either, with marketing experts predicting that by 2020 half of all internet searches will be voice searches.

Why Do Businesses Need to Optimize For Voice Search

Why Do Businesses Need to Optimize For Voice Search

If you don’t think that your Ag business needs to be optimized for voice searches, you need to think again. The rise of digital assistants means that voice searches are now beginning to enter the mainstream on a whole different level. And no matter what platform your customers and prospect use, there is a voice search option for that platform.

Five Ways Voice Technology Is Transforming Our Lives And Businesses

Voice technology is transforming lives and businesses. So heed the warning now: Voice is taking over and will transform how customers find you and interact with your brand. Don’t get caught off-guard when voice replaces text-based searches.

Already doing SEO? Add these two things to optimize for voice search

If you are already doing search engine optimization, there are a few things that you can specifically do right now to optimize for voice searches. The best part? These things will also help your website in general.