New – and Sometimes Better – Ways to Connect with Farmers

New – and Sometimes Better – Ways to Connect with Farmers

For most agricultural companies, marketing to farmers includes a lot of calling and emailing. While these methods of communication are effective, sometimes it is necessary to mix things up a bit. This is where direct mail, programmatic advertising, search engine optimization and social media can come in handy.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Far From Dead

Direct marketing is alive and well. In fact, when it comes to all industries – including agriculture – it is often considered superior to most other marketing channels.

Is there value in programmatic when marketing to farmers?

When marketing to farmers, programmatic advertising can be an important part of the digital mix. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the benefits of programmatic advertising will vary depending on its strategic use.

Trying To Connect With Farmers? Turn To Social Media

Just as it is in other industries, social media is a crucial communication tool. And what was once a conversation over coffee can be a shared experience.