Farming can be a hard life but it is a life that many people are interested in trying. In most cases, people who want to give farming a shot fall into two categories. The first are those who would love to farm but are overwhelmed by the prospect. The second are those that believe all […]

Agricultural marketing brings with it unique challenges that you might not encounter when marketing to other industries. These challenges arise from the fact that farming is neither exclusively a lifestyle nor a business. Instead, it’s an ever-evolving combination of both. A true ag marketer understands these challenges and rises to meet them. The agriculture industry […]

If you grew up on a farm, you are well aware of the fact that children of farmers do a lot of work. Among other things, you may have milked cows, baled hay, or drove a tractor. One thing you probably never did, however, was ask for a paycheck at the end of the week. […]

Frustrated the local weatherman can’t ever seem to get the forecast right? If it is so difficult to predict whether or not it will be raining when you get up tomorrow morning, how is it that the Farmers’ Almanac predicts weather two years in advance? Well, if you go to the Farmers’ Almanac’s web site […]