Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are Effective but Can Be Tough to Measure

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are highly effective Ag marketing tools but are also complex and often difficult to evaluate. To get the most out of these campaigns, it is critical to compile and analyze campaign data every step of the way. And while there are several effective ways to measure a campaign’s success – not every campaign can be measured using the same criteria.

How to Measure Success in PPC Campaigns With & Without Conversion Data

Measuring success in PPC campaigns must be a data-oriented exercise, but it also needs to factor in adaptive thinking.

PPC Advertising: Struggles Faced by Beginners and Old Pros Alike

To ensure success, PPC results need to be tracked to understand what farmers and ranchers want and how well ads match their needs.

Measuring Success: Six Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs for 2021

There are a handful of simple key performance metrics you can use to measure and substantiate the success of your marketing efforts, including PPC.