The Coronavirus Pandemic and Farm-to-Consumer Sales

Farmers who sell directly to consumers and at farmers markets are feeling the devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis. While the situation is far from ideal, it doesn’t mean farmers are going to give up. Instead, they will do as they have always done in tough circumstances – adapt and move forward.

Farmers Markets are Vital during COVID-19, but They Need More Support

Farmers markets fulfill essential needs in struggling communities across the country and they need a strong commitment from federal, state and local leaders to ensure they can stay open safely.

Farmers Learn to Adapt Marketing Strategies

Farmers need to remember that they are not just selling food, they are selling their story. During the COVID-19 crisis, they need to make connections and really listen to what customers want, need and like.

Now is the Time to Sign Up for Local Community-Supported Agriculture. Here’s why

During the Covid-19 pandemic, bolstering local food systems is especially urgent – and there’s more at stake than just really good tomatoes.


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