The New Year is almost upon us and if you are like most agricultural business owners, you have a formidable to-do list to conquer before you ring in 2018. It is only natural then that you would want to eliminate some tasks from your to – do list in an effort to simplify.

As you are going down your list, and checking it twice, you may be tempted to cross off sending holiday cards. After all, do people really notice whether or not you send these cards? How do you even know if the time and expense you put into these cards makes an impression?

We’ve all been there, asking these questions. And most of us have decided that holiday cards are worth the effort. It’s a good thing, too, because they are worth the effort. Here’s why:

  1. Everyone opens holiday cards. The holiday season is a busy time of year and people may throw out direct mail pieces in a rush to get through the mail. You know what they won’t throw out? A holiday card. This allows you the opportunity to get your brand out there despite all the distractions of the season.
  2. You can show a different side of your brand. All year you are focused on business and your clients and prospects see you as a brand. Holiday cards are the one opportunity you have all year to show your clients a different side of your company. Take advantage.
  3. It helps forge a personal connection. In today’s digital world, we communicate largely by text or email. A holiday card is an opportunity to go off the grid and reach out without using a cellphone or computer.
  4. It proves you care. Let’s face it, everyone is really busy. When a business takes the time to send holiday cards it shows that they value someone enough to make the time to wish them a happy holiday season.
  5. It showcases your success. A quality holiday card tells the recipient that your business is doing well. And people want to do business with successful people. When you fail to send a card, or send a low-quality card, it gives a poor impression of your business.

Holiday cards can be a hassle but they are always worth the effort. And while you may wonder if people even notice the cards you send you can be sure they will notice the one you don’t send!