Farmers’ Markets are all the rage these days. The fact that these markets are so popular may lead some people to the conclusion that they are a new phenomenon. However, Farmers’ Markets are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing by smaller farms.

Regardless of the origin of Farmers’ Markets, these markets are a great way for families to get fresh food and, most importantly, meet local farmers. In cities across the country – from San Diego, California, to Omaha, Nebraska, to Macon, Georgia – Farmers’ Markets are a huge hit with both farmers and community members.

There are many reasons why Farmers’ Markets are so appealing. Farmers list their own reasons for wanting to sell their produce at Farmers’ Markets. These reasons include meeting their customers face-to-face and achieving a better return for their produce.

Farmers’ Markets also give smaller family farmers the opportunity to educate consumers about their growing practices and love of the land. Farmers are proud of what they do – as they should be – and Farmer’s Markets give them the opportunity to show off the “fruits” of their labor.

Shoppers are equally as taken with Farmers’ Markets. Aside from the obvious reason – fresh, flavorful food – there are several other things that draw people to Farmers’ Markets.

  1. Shopping at a Farmers’ Market allows people to enjoy a real sense of community. Going to the local market makes people feel like they are part of a community.
  2. There’s nothing like getting outside and shopping in the fresh air. With the rise of electronic communications and long work hours, it’s a good feeling to enjoy nature and soak up the sun.
  3. When you buy vegetables at a Farmers’ Market, you can ask questions to the person who actually grew those vegetables. Try doing that at a grocery store!
  4. The farmers and ranchers at Farmers’ Markets will give you recipe ideas, cooking tips and even meal planning ideas. Fellow shoppers like to swap ideas, as well.
  5. People love farmers. After all, they feed the nation. Shopping at Farmers’ Markets is a wonderful way to show support and say, “Thanks!” to these men and women.
  6. Going to the Farmers’ Market isn’t just a shopping trip, it’s a form of entertainment. Entire families can come and spend hours perusing the many booths and stands. Many Farmers’ Markets even offer entertainment for kids and adults alike!
  7. They help the environment. Food sold at Farmers’ Markets doesn’t need to be shipped long distances. This saves on packing materials and fuel costs.

So next time you visit your local Farmers’ Market, think about the good you are doing – for yourself, the community, the environment and, of course, farmers!