The Most Important Rule in Marketing: The Rule of 30


  • You only see one out of every 3 ads put in front of you.
  • You only take action after you’ve seen a message 10 times.
  • A brand needs to put 30 messages in front of a prospect before expecting a response.

Think about that. 30 impressions. The Rule of 30.

Impressions come in multiple formats and one of the best is direct mail. Postcards coupled with online ads, mailed multiple times throughout the year.

The Great Courses knows this. if you’re not familiar with The Great Courses they are a company selling audio and video learning classes founded in the 1990s. They are now called Wondrium. How do I know this? My wife gets a piece of mail from them every week. Actually, it’s probably every month but whatever it is, it’s a lot. They rebranded in 2021. Their adherence to the Rule of 30 is almost fanatical and as a result I know they are now called Wondrium and have switched to streaming classes. (and I’m not even their customer)

The Rule of 30 in action.

US Farm Data has the tools you need to take advantage of the Rule of 30 in your marketing.

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