The Truth About Marketing Your Small Ag Business

The Truth About Marketing Your Small Ag Business

Marketing Your Small Ag Business – Many owners of small Ag businesses are reluctant to invest in a marketing strategy. Surprisingly, this reluctance has less to do with money and more to do with misconceptions surrounding exactly what it takes to successfully market their business.

So what are those misconceptions? And more importantly, what part do they play in an Ag business’s ability to commit to a marketing strategy and see it through until concrete results are realized?

Misconception #1: Great Marketing Always Means Making a Big Splash

Truth: The best marketing impels people to take action. And while exciting, memorable or emotional advertising grabs an audience’s attention, the fact is, it won’t necessarily drive sales conversions.

Misconception #2: Successful Marketing Campaigns Produce Immediate Results

Truth: Loyal customers are driven by much more than just a one time offer. The most successful marketing communicates that a business will be able to solve a problem. Sure, you can toss in offers or coupons periodically but those are not the driving force behind a customer’s decision to buy from you.

Misconception #3: Bigger Budgets Produce Better Results.

Truth: Money can’t buy happiness and it can’t buy customers, either. The best campaigns aren’t necessarily the most expensive, rather they speak to your ideal Ag prospects and turn them into customers.

Misconception #4: Small Ag Businesses Don’t Need Digital Marketing

Truth: No matter who you are marketing to, or what you are selling, your target Ag audience is going to be looking for it online.

Misconception #5: The Ag Industry Isn’t Exciting Enough for Digital Marketing.

Truth: Remember who you are marketing to! People in the Ag industry are hungry for Ag-related content and news and information about their industry. By providing relevant content and other resources, you will be able to build a following that will increase your brand awareness. It also will allow you to build relationships with people who need the products and services you provide.

Finally, many Ag businesses think marketing is something they have to tackle in-house. They are surprised to learn, then, that outsourcing makes the most sense in terms of ROI. No one to train, no need to hire additional staff, no need to learn everything from the ground up! And while in the past only huge Ag companies could afford to partner with an outside marketing firm, that is no longer the case.