US Farm Data Response Plus Email Marketing Lists

The Promise of Email

Cold email campaigns don’t work. While this is true on the surface, we’ve learned that even the spammiest email campaigns can generate a positive ROI with enough effort. Who wants to be “that” business though, right? We work with companies every day who have a lot to offer prospective customers but shy away from email because, though it’s inexpensive to deploy, it doesn’t produce expected results. We should be using social media right now anyway, they’ll say.

Another Way

What if there was a way to send non-spammy email to your target market and actually get them to read it? You’d be interested, right? US Farm Data has been experimenting and implementing business-to-business email campaigns for decades. There isn’t a foolproof way to get your best prospects to read your emails, but we’ve learned how to get close to your expected results with a program we call Response Plus Email Marketing. Basically, we take the list of business prospects you are targeting and run display ads prior to the email campaign to raise brand awareness, or product awareness, or problem awareness. It may be easier to describe an example.

A Managed IT Service Example

Pretend you are a managed IT service provider in the Atlanta, GA area. You buy a list of 1,000 emails that are business owners or principals in businesses between 10 and 100 employees in the Atlanta metro area. From a list like that, you can plan on 10-12% of the emails to be opened, 20-30% of the opened emails to be clicked on, and 10% of the clicks to reach out to your business. Not many but you got your name out there, have some calls to follow up on, and maybe get a proposal for services or two. Companies have been using this approach for years, making it work.


Contrast the traditional approach to the Response Plus Email Marketing approach. It’s the same list of 1,000 emails, but before a campaign starts we match those prospects in our online display advertising platform and run ads. These display ads can build your brand name, highlight the service you’re going to email them about, or describe a problem your product solves. We get 10-12,000 ad impressions in front of this list and now you follow up with a three-part campaign. When your prospect gets the email they will see who it’s from and the subject line. The more they recognize the From: name and the better then Subject: line is, the more likely they are to open your email. When your email opens increase even from 10-12% to just 13-15%, it results in dozens more clicks. The more clicks, the more inquiries. The more inquiries, the more opportunities.

It’s not earth shattering, but it works the way people work today. Seeing your name in the margins of their favorite sports team story, even out of the corner of their eye, starts to raise your profile. Combined with targeted creative in your email, you’ll be pulling in more inquiries and adding more clients.

The best part is what happens with the targeted prospects that aren’t ready to purchase. The Response Plus Email Marketing program sets up a special display ad campaign for the people who visit your site but don’t respond to calls. Using re-targeting, we can help you pull three or five more responses from the list and add one more policy to your book of business.

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