Using Testimonials to Promote Your Ag Business

Using Testimonials to Promote Your Ag Business

The importance of testimonials across all industries has never been greater. The Ag industry is certainly no exception. That’s because trust and relationships are especially important to farmers, and testimonials go a long way toward helping farmers get to know and trust your brand.

Farmers are naturally skeptical. They want to know they can trust a brand before making a purchase. Testimonials allow farmers to learn why another farmer was impressed with your business. The internet has only increased the importance of testimonials since consumers now have a reliable way to research a greater number of reviews and opinions about a business.

Testimonials also allow you to connect with farmers on an emotional level. Marketing experts will tell you that brands that connect with prospects emotionally have an easier time persuading those prospects to buy. Further, everyone enjoys a good story and the best testimonials tell the story of how your product or service led to a happy ending.

It can be difficult to ask a customer to give a testimonial but it is well-worth the effort. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised by the fact that many customers are flattered by your interest in their opinion. To get started, ask some of your regular clients to write down a few things they like about your products or services. The more people who you ask, the greater selection you will have to choose from.

It is important to know what to look for when choosing testimonials. The most effective testimonials will be specific and outline exactly how one of your products or services solved a problem or made someone’s life easier. Stay away from testimonials that sound like sales copy because these types of testimonials don’t sound credible or genuine.

Once you identify a few standout testimonials that you would like to display on your website or in other marketing materials, ask your customer for their permission. If the customer is willing, a picture to go with the testimonial heightens the effect of the testimonial. Adding their name, age or other details also adds a personal touch and lends reliability to the testimonial.

One of the best things about testimonials is the fact that they can be used in several different ways. The most compelling testimonials can be turned into blog posts or cases studies that help drive traffic to your website.