When to Market to Soybean Farmers?

A question we get at US Farm Data is about the best times to market to farmers and ranchers. While there is no one size fits all answer, farmers and ranchers have some tendencies to keep in mind. We’ve sourced a few articles for you about marketing seasonally. 

The Best Time to Buy Winter Coats


Like winter coats, marketing farming equipment, especially for a particular crop, is going to be a seasonal business. While technology allows farmers to grow some crops year-round, most of their yield will be at a particular time of the year. Marketers will do well to think of how other sellers market seasonal items. Like how winter coats start showing up in stores around Labor Day, a month or two before you need it. If we go as the clothing sellers go, it’s best to start promoting your services 3 months before they are needed.

Soybean planting date can have a significant impact on yield


We like this article and love extension offices because they help us think like our target market. This article discusses the best date to plant soybeans as well when many farmers decide to plant their beans. This site is a great resource, particularly if you are marketing to farmers in Iowa. When you know the time when farmers start planting it helps find the best time to market to them.

Determining the Right Timing for a Product Launch


When is the best time of year to launch a new product or service? Eric Dickmann the founder CMO of a fractional CMO company talks about some of the lessons he’s learned in this article. It discusses not only how to determine the best time of the year to market your product, but also the best time of the week for marketing it. Not farm specific, but easily extrapolated.