Why you should invest in Marketing For a Small Ag Business

For small Ag businesses on tight budgets, spending money on marketing often seems like too big of an expense. After all, who can afford to spend money on marketing campaigns when that money could be used to pay bills?

The truth is, however, that the only way businesses – in any industry – are going to create a steady revenue stream is by investing in marketing. Marketing brings in new customers. Equally important, it helps to retain current ones. Further, marketing is the only way you can get your message out in front of the people you need to buy your products or service.

It also is important that small Ag business owners understand that marketing is not a one and done proposition. Even the largest and most successful Ag companies will never be “finished” marketing.

Some Ag businesses put off marketing until they are in a better financial position. The reality is, however, that the longer these businesses wait to invest in marketing, the longer they will be stuck in a cycle of struggling to make ends meet. Bills will continue to mount and without customers to pay those bills, there will never be the opportunity to increase revenue streams.

For small Ag business owners still on the fence about making a marketing investment there are some important things to consider:

  1. Investing in marketing increases brand awareness. The only way to reach customers and prospects is through marketing.
  2. Customers and prospects are leery of businesses that don’t market. If a farmer or rancher hears about your business, they will look for it online. If it’s not there, they will find one that is.
  3. Marketing drives sales. Research continues to show that online shopping, for example, is driven by mobile. Without a digital marketing strategy sales will be lost.
  4. Reputations are built online. In today’s digital marketplace, a strong online presence, allows a business to be responsive and build trust. Without such a presence, growing a business is almost impossible.

Marketing your Ag business costs money. There is no way around it. However, it is important to remember that it also allows a business to make money. To learn more about how we can help get the most impact from your marketing budget, give us a call at 800.960.6267 or visit us online at usfarmdata.com.