Will Robots Replace Farm Laborers?

Will Robots Replace Farm Laborers

There is a great deal of discussion today on the issue of robots and farming. Many economists say farm workers don’t have to worry that they will be put out to pasture but the fact remains that there is a farm labor crunch which highlights the need for robots. And with the pace of robotics in farming moving forward quickly, it is important to keep up on this important topic. Will Robots Replace Farm Laborers

This Robotic Farming System Could Be the Answer to Labor Shortages

A hydroponics startup is automating indoor produce farming and says this is the answer to labor shortages in agriculture.

Farm Robotics are Taking a Giant Automated Leap Forward

The field of robotics in the farm industry is growing as new technology like computer vision and robots are being introduced, creating new levels of automation.

Agriculture This Week – Move to robot farming nears

Robots may not have made inroads into the majority of smaller farms yet but that day is coming. And soon.