Using Google Analytics? Be Sure To Upgrade.

In less than a year all standard Google Universal Analytics (UA) properties will stop processing new hits. Specifically on July 1, 2023. What happens to the old UA data? It will hang around until the end of 2023.

US Farm Data’s in-house marketing team, LeadGen Compass, is suggesting you upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as soon as possible. The reason for the urgency? Data to do year-to-year comparisons.

The most popular reports in UA analytics are

  •  Month to Month comparisons
  •  Quarter to Quarter comparisons
  •  Year to Year comparisons.

If you wait until next year to switch, the year over year comparisons won’t be in the old UA interface forever. There will be an opportunity to export data, but it’s best to take action today. LGC is running both UA and Google Analytics 4 together for most clients as they evaluate other solutions.

The new tool is customizable. Google is promoting it as everything and anything you want tracked can be set up. Very flexible.

The catch? All the data we’ve gotten used to collecting and reviewing which came standard in UA doesn’t come out-of-the-box in GA4. You’ll have a big trunk filled with disassembled data tools in your office.

Like the old commercial said, “Some data tool. Supposed to be good for you.”

We tried it. We like it.

What if I’m not using analytics?
If you have a website, no matter how you market your business, we suggest using analytics of some sort. Even sites with little to no traffic can benefit from “counting the number of visits to the store.” When combined with a tool to see how many times your company name, product name, or key personnel are searched for on Google, it’s a good indicator of your overall marketing effectiveness.

We have Analytics but no one ever looks at it.
If you took your website builder’s advice and installed Analytics then promptly set it aside, this is a good opportunity to see what it’s been recording. Similar to a hunter who set up a remote trail camera, you can see who is coming, when they came, and predict when they might come back.

How much to do it for me?
It depends. (you knew that was what we’d say, didn’t you?) Depending on the complexity of your setup having LGC work on your setup can range anywhere from a single hour of work to an entire day. Most companies we work with who can describe how they are using UA Analytics today, including examples of the reports they pull, can expect 3 hours of work to set up GA4.

Where can I go to learn more?
A LeadGen Compass Analytics webinar: Click here
Google PR: Click here
An Oregon marketing agency’s take: Click here
Google’s Analytics page: Click here

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