The Age of Your Marketing Lists Can Make or Break Your Direct Marketing

For your company’s marketing department, the right mailing list is the difference between tapping into a rich vein of gold or a busted effort. For this reason, marketing lists should be updated and re-examined on a regular basis to ensure that they remain current and effective. It’s why we at US Farm Data continuously update our lists of farmers and ranchers. It’s critical for giving our clients the best shot at direct marketing and digital marketing campaign success.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Read what others think in these articles we’ve curated about the importance of list selection.

5 Reasons To Use Updated Customer Mailing Lists In Your Marketing

“. . .an engaged email list helps you maintain a solid reputation. That’s right—you may not know it, but you have an email reputation to protect. If subscribers ignore you, or worse, report your messages as spam, it hurts your reputation.”

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The Importance of the List

“The list alone is responsible for 60% of your campaign’s success or failure. You may have a compelling offer and great creative, but if it’s going to the wrong people, you’re wasting your time and money.”

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Direct Mail is Hot

Young people get hundreds of emails a day but only a few pieces of actual mail, notes one marketer quoted by Vox. In the same way digital-first companies such as Warby Parker and Glossier have begun opening physical stores to create a special experience, sending physical mail is a way to stand out from the crowd.

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Get A List of Farmers and Ranchers

The first step to your marketing plan is getting a quality list of prospects. Not only can we provide you with a list, we offer multiple ways to reach them to maximize your investment.