The Benefits of Multi-Touch Marketing using Response Plus Lists

In today’s marketing landscape, marketers are finding it best to implement a multi-touch strategy to maximize results. Multi-Touch is a combined approach that includes mediums like direct mail, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and even cold calling to generate more leads and increase sales.

It can take up to 40 touches before you start a substantial conversation with a prospect. Multi-touch marketing using Response Plus lists allows you to get to this point faster while being more cost effective. In addition to improving a marketing campaign’s performance, Multi-Touch marketing with Response Plus lists helps you build brand over the long term.

When embarking on a Multi-Touch marketing campaign, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Marketing materials must have the same look and feel. This will ensure that whether a prospect sees a display ad, receives an email, is directed to your website, or opens a direct mail piece, they recognize it as coming from your business.
  • Results must be monitored so that adjustments can be made. Parts of your campaign will speak to some prospects more than others. By monitoring metrics like response or click-through rates you will be able to decide which parts of the campaign are working, and if necessary, make adjustments.
  • Marketing campaigns that combine inspiring online content, powerful emails, thought-provoking blogs, social media, and direct mail inevitably require a greater investment of time and resources. However, it is well worth the effort. Our best customers will attest to that. Multi-Touch Marketing Campaigns using Response Plus lists are a far better investment than single-touch campaigns because they allow you to better connect with prospects and increase sales.

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