Small Ag Businesses Must Make the Most of an Unusual Holiday Season

At this point in a normal year, most Ag businesses would be gearing up for a profitable holiday season. In 2020, however, these businesses are wondering if they will be able to stay afloat until the New Year.

But it isn’t all gloom and doom and there are ways for Ag businesses to rise to the challenge of these trying economic times. After all, those in the Ag industry are full of grit and determination – and if there are ways to survive and even thrive during these unprecedented times, they will do it!

At US Farm Data, we have some suggestions on how to improve sales conversions and increase customer loyalty during a holiday season which lands in the middle of a pandemic.

  1. Expect a massive increase in online shopping. Check your online presence and tools – and then check them again. A personalized and seamless checkout experience is critical this year as online sales surge to never-seen-before levels.
  2. Continue to cater to shoppers that want to do business in person. Many farmers and ranchers want to do more than shop online. Others want to shop online and pick up in store or browse your brick-and-mortar location. Whatever your customers want to do, make it simple and seamless. This includes contactless transaction capabilities at checkout or curbside delivery.
  3. Offer flexible payment options. Farmers and ranchers (and everyone else) are stretched thin this year. By offering ways to pay over-time or interest-free, for example, they will be more likely to open their wallets. Many can’t afford to take a big hit at the holidays but still want and need to buy. It is your job to make that happen.
  4. Keep farmers and ranchers coming back to your website. Targeted offers will incentivize customers to convert. They also will help to counter cart abandonment. Identifying, engaging and converting potentially lost shoppers in this way will bring them back to your site to complete their purchase.

The businesses that will ride out the current pandemic are the ones that continue to pivot and adapt. While it is tempting for small Ag business owners to throw up their hands and give up when they think about what this holiday season could have been, the most successful ones wouldn’t think of doing that – and that’s why they will hang on to see better times.

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