Countdown to 2024: A Farmer-Focused Campaign for December

As December unfolds, it’s a perfect time for agri-businesses to connect meaningfully with farmers and ranchers. This often overlooked month, before we break for the holidays, offers a unique opportunity to deepen relationships, drive year-end sales, and set up 2024 to start strong. To help, we’ve designed a week-by-week plan, tailored specifically for businesses targeting farmers, to make sure your December is as productive and engaging as possible.

Week 0 (Dec 1): Pre-Work

Friday, before you go home for the weekend, get the calendar out, agree on the message, and make sure you have the tools you’ll need for this campaign.  A list from US Farm Data, email marketing software, CRM, social media, webinar hosting, graphic design capabilities, and analytics tools.

Week 1 (Dec 4-10): Lay the Groundwork

  • Dec 4 (Monday): Outline the campaign’s focus and create the introductory email and digital display ad. This sets the tone for your month-long engagement.
  • Dec 5 (Tuesday): Focus on making the direct mail piece (postcard). Focus on year-end considerations for farmers and hint at an upcoming webinar on Dec 19th.
  • Dec 6 (Wednesday): Make the webinar landing page, and outline using placeholder text. Get the direct mail piece to the mail house to be dropped Friday the 8th.
  • Dec 7-8 (Thursday-Friday): Prepare educational and interactive content, like a blog post on sustainable practices, a quiz, and finalize the webinar title.

Week 2 (Dec 11-17): Build Momentum

  • Dec 11 (Monday): As your direct mail goes out, start the digital display ads. This will bring attention to your brand and the upcoming webinar. Run ads through Dec 22.
  • Dec 12 (Tuesday): Send the introductory email, highlighting what’s to come. The webinar page should be live for registrations.
  • Dec 13 (Wednesday): Post new educational content on the topic, have sales team share the post, positioning your company as a thought leader on the chosen topic.
  • Dec 14 (Thursday): Engage the target audience on social media with a customer story, the quiz, and use the matched audience promotion feature to promote the webinar.

Week 3 (Dec 18-24): The Webinar and Final Push

  • Dec 18 (Monday): Send a day before email for the webinar, ensuring maximum attendance.
  • Dec 19 (Tuesday): The morning of, send a last second email of the webinar (30 mins before). Host the webinar on the topic that connects you with farmers. (record it) 
  • Dec 20 (Wednesday): Follow up with a thank-you email, recap the webinar, send the recording, and present a special offer.
  • Dec 21 (Thursday): Remind them of the year-end offer, creating a sense of urgency.
  • Dec 22 (Friday): Send a last comprehensive newsletter, rounding off the December campaign.

Final Week (Dec 25-29): Close on a High Note

  • Dec 25-28: Enjoy the Christmas holiday.
  • Dec 29 (Friday): Use this day for any last-minute communications or responses, setting the stage for a fresh start in the new year. Triage the list for follow up in 2024. Start with a list of clicked emails, and registered webinarians. Then move to the leads that match your best customer profiles, follow up with everyone else. A good message is, “what are some of your plans for 2024?” 

December is a time for reflection, connection, and strategic planning. By following this guide, you can ensure that your agri-business remains front and center in the minds of your farmer prospects. Make these final weeks count, setting the tone for a prosperous new year!

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