Choosing the Best Appointment Setting Service
for Your Marketing List

Clients ask if we make phone calls for lead generation. While we don’t offer this service directly, our 25+ years in mailing list sales have given us considerable experience with numerous Ag, B2B, and B2C lead generation companies. Although we don’t maintain a recommended list of vendors, we can share valuable insights on selecting the best appointment-setting service for your needs.

1. Industry Experience Matters:
Before you choose a service provider, ensure they have a strong track record in your specific industry. A good vendor will familiarize themselves with your products, define your ideal customers, source contacts (often involving us), and set up scripts and feedback mechanisms. While familiarity with your industry speeds up onboarding, beware of assumptions that might compromise the outcome.

2. Transparency in Operations:
It’s crucial to understand the operational details of your prospective vendor. They should be able to articulate their process clearly and explain how your marketing and sales teams will interact with theirs. Knowing these interaction points and timelines helps minimize surprises and aligns expectations.

3. Evidence of Past Success:
Ask for anonymized data from previous campaigns to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies. This transparency allows you to verify their claims independently. Additionally, when checking reviews, look for stories of overcoming challenges rather than just high ratings.

4. Responsiveness to Change:
Assess how quickly the service adapts after the launch phase. Rapid adjustments to the campaign can prevent prolonged efforts in the wrong direction, saving time and money. The initial months are critical; ensure the project managers interact effectively to steer the campaign towards success.

5. Compatibility with Your Sales Process:
The ideal vendor should seamlessly integrate with your existing sales process, not require you to adapt to theirs. Understanding your sales process and selecting a compatible service will significantly enhance your outcomes.

Selecting the right appointment-setting service is crucial, especially considering the significant investment involved in campaigns ranging from $20,000 to $75,000. By using our tips, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business objectives and maximizes the potential of your marketing list.

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