Working New Lists: Transforming Prospects into Profits

Your team has a new lead list. Now what?
Whether the list is from US Farm Data, an event, a webinar, a conference, or a lead generation company, what you do next will determine how effective the list is. You want to find new customers, but we see some common obstacles that keep sales teams from making that happen.

Data enhancement
Before contacting your list, invest some time in data enhancement. Enhancement tools like these, provide insights into your list. Common enhancements are job titles, company details, and sometimes, their online activity. Use these enhancements to tailor messaging to specific problems or issues of each lead, increasing your chances of a positive response.

For example, using data enhancement, you may find one of your leads is the head of a project management department. Knowing this, you can customize your email to highlight the tools you have for managing complex projects. Relevant communications are more likely to get opened and read.

Segmenting Leads
Before working a new list, segment your leads based on various criteria such as farm size, crops, owner-operator, buying season, geography, or specific interests. When coupled with data enhancement, your sales people or marketing team can be more targeted and relevant in their communication. Tailoring your messaging to address the specific challenges or needs of each segment, gets your team closer to finding new customers.

For example, if you can segment an entire group of project managers together, you can be very specific in your marketing and sales language to them. Webinars, case studies, and customer surveys that are more relevant to your audience get stronger response rates.

Relationship Building
In addition to common digital outreach, leverage networking opportunities to build relationships with leads. Cross checking your list with attendance at industry events, webinars, and conferences. Every contact gives an opportunity for more personalized engagement and deeper understanding the needs in your target market.

A structured follow-up strategy using multiple touchpoints like testimonials, case studies, and reviews can influence decision-making. Using social proof in your segments works because people trust the experiences of their peers. Highlighting success stories reduces perceived risk.

It doesn’t matter where your list came from. Whether it’s US Farm Data, or somewhere else, how you’ll feel about the success of the list depends on the work you do with it.

If you have questions about the best way to use a list, or if you want to talk about List Enhancement, contact US Farm Data today. One of our marketing experts can help you remove obstacles that get in the way of your list’s results.

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