Sustaining Marketing Momentum Beyond the New Year

As a marketing agency with decades of experience, we understand the significance of maintaining consistent marketing efforts throughout the year. It’s the reason we set a New Year’s goal of sending continuous reminders and communications. It’s not merely for presence but for the purpose of highlighting the importance of a sustained marketing strategy.

We also understand that things can easily go awry and your marketing efforts become almost nonexistent due to unexpected client meetings, product development issues, human resource issues, etc. that occur throughout the month. All of these issues need to be handled, which usually means very little of your time dedicated to marketing and finding new customers.

US Farm Data can help.

Here are a couple of things we tell our clients to make it a little easier to ensure marketing never stops:

1. Keep a Marketing List of Both Customers and Prospects

It sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many ag businesses struggle pulling a list of customers and don’t keep an updated list of prospects. Without these two databases, it’s hard to market. Marketing starts with these two audiences. They let you deliver personalized messages that resonate and drive engagement to the right people at the right time. Consistent marketing to these lists across multiple ad channels, requires time and expertise.

At US Farm Data we pride ourselves on being more than just list providers; we are your partners in marketing. If you don’t have the time or the resources, we can assist you in every step of your marketing – from developing a marketing strategy to executing direct mail, email, and digital campaigns – US Farm Data keep you at the forefront of the minds of your customers.

If you need help managing a customer list, or need an updated list of new prospects, call US Farm Data today.

2. Leverage the Two Lists

There are ways to leverage your two lists that don’t take a lot of your time. For instance:

• Get the lists to your salespeople and track the attempts to contact them. Your CRM should be able to pull reports of which customers or prospects were contacted and when.
• Run digital campaigns that don’t “break the bank”. Matching your lists to ad networks is one way to continue to keep your name in front of your audience.
• Use direct mail. Postcards are an easy and effective way to keep your name in front of customers and introduce your company to prospects. Repetition helps. Save money by printing extra direct mail pieces so it’s a quick call to your printer to get quarterly direct mail campaigns deployed.

We know firsthand that even if your business has the personnel to execute an ongoing marketing strategy, the daily press of business has a way of pushing marketing lower on the priority list. We can help.

If you want help setting up programs or want someone to handle your marketing efforts so you don’t have to worry about it, call us today.


By partnering with US Farm Data, you can be assured that your marketing efforts won’t stop, even when things go awry.

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