Building Personal Relationships with Ag Clients in the Tech Age

An unfortunate reality in today’s digital world is that many Ag salespeople have a tough time engaging one-on-one with the farmers and ranchers they want to sell to. Regardless, building personal relationships is something Ag salespeople must know how to do if they want to succeed in the Ag industry.

The Art of Communication: 5 Reasons Why Talking is Important in the Digital Age

Whether in the Ag world or in our personal lives, real communication often takes courage. Developing your emotional intelligence is a critical ingredient in all business and personal relationships. And emails and texts offer only a snippet of someone’s real self.

Four Ways to Build the Relationship Before Making the Sale

While it’s true that Ag sales has a lot to do with persuasion, trying to build relationships with customers and prospects through persuasion is missing the point.

5 Tricks to Instantly Connect with Any Sales Prospect

Farmers and ranchers buy from those they trust and respect. Therefore, if you can quickly connect with them on a deeper level than just making them like you, you’ll start to build genuine relationships based on trust and respect.

Connecting with farmers and ranchers on a personal level is more important than ever in today’s digital world. And while it may take more effort, it is definitely worth it. If you need help connecting with customers , read our blog, give us a call at 800-960-6267 or visit us online at