Is Your Ag Business Onboard with the Voice Search Revolution?

Voice Searches are Booming. Is Your Ag Business Listening

No matter what industry you are in, voice searches are going to impact how you do business. No longer are internet searches confined to the keyboard or even the screen. From virtual assistants to cars, voice search is almost omnipresent. So how can you make sure your Ag business can navigate this ever-evolving search landscape? published an article, The Continued Rise of Voice Search and How Your Business Can Leverage It. In this article it talks about how positioning your business for voice search means more directly answering customer questions, giving searchers the exact result they are looking for. It goes on to say that while this may, in some ways, make keyword research even tougher, it can also lead to more opportunity because the customers that find you will be even more highly targeted and likely to find your content relevant.

At US Farm Data, we are helping Ag businesses just like yours garner attention from customers and prospects using voice searches. We can do the same for you. But don’t wait, voice search is here to stay with more than a billion such searches conducted every month. Give us a call today at 800-960-6267 to make sure your Ag business has the answer to the questions people are asking through voice search!