Why Data is So Important to the Success of a Business?

Many businesses today consider data to be nothing more than information that is captured and stored in their database. However, when used correctly, data can be the basis for many critical business functions, not the least of which is lead generation. Specifically, customer data allows a business to understand its interactions with customers and prospects and then parlay that information into substantial growth.

Everyone Says Their Marketing is “Data Driven”

Many businesses claim to use data-driven marketing but they are doing little more than collecting data. While collecting data is certainly important, true data-driven marketing entails making decisions based on that data.

CMO and CIO working together

Why Marketing and IT Need to Collaborate on Data Quality

Data-driven marketing is critical to a company’s success. And just as marketing and sales teams must work together to achieve the best results, data-driven marketing cannot be successfully achieved without bringing IT professionals to the table.

8 Ways you can grow your Business using Data Science

Data can do wonders for your lead generation efforts but why stop there? Data science can help your business grow in countless other ways.