We are quickly approaching the holiday season and gift giving will be on the minds of almost everyone. If you own an agricultural business, you will need to decide if giving gifts to your farming and ranching clients is something you want to do.
Most experts agree that giving gifts is an appropriate way to let your customers know that you value their business. It also is an opportunity to reach out to them without trying to sell – something that your customers will appreciate.
When it comes to farmers and ranchers, gift giving can get a little tricky. After all, perfect weather and more land are not easily wrapped! Whether you are looking to give your clients a small token of appreciation for their business or want to make a bigger impression, you should be able to find something on the following list:

  1. ATV handle bar warmers. Cattles and ranchers spend a lot of time on ATVs so a set of handle bar warmers is a practical choice.
  2. Board game. No, not just any board game – the Farming Game! Sure to be a family favorite, this game is a great way for farmers and ranchers to spend some time with loved ones. Plus, every time you play the game it turns out differently!
  3. Books. There is a book for almost every topic. From cattle ranching tips to a history of farming, the options are endless.
  4. Boot dryer. For the farmer or rancher who works in the elements ( don’t they all? ), a boot dryer is the perfect gift.
  5. Calendar. You can find almost any type of calendar these days – from antique tractors to farm scenes – or you can design your own.
  6. Flashlight. Shorter days mean less light and we all know farmers and ranchers don’t quit working when the sun goes down. Flashlights come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and types so there are plenty to choose from.
  7. Magnetic wrist brand. How many times do farmers and ranchers store odds and ends in their teeth while working on fences or tagging calves? A magnetic wrist brand provides a place to temporarily hold these loose odds and ends.
  8. Pocket knife. A nice new pocket knife is always a great idea as you can never have too many.
  9. Smartphone brackets. Make sure your clients drive safe by gifting them a smartphone bracket for their truck or tractor. These brackets allow for hands-free GPS navigation, calling and more.
  10. Socks or gloves. No farmer or rancher can own too many pairs of insulated gloves or warm socks to keep hands and feet toasty while doing chores outside.
  11. Thermos. Personalized tumblers are a great way to keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold.
  12. Weather radio. There are a wide range of weather radios available. You can get one that fits well in a barn or tractor.

Buying for gifts for clients can be a challenge. Buying for farmers and ranchers who are clients can be especially difficult. Hopefully the items listed above will help make sure your clients are full of holiday cheer!